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Workshop „Exchanging good practices on labour market tools to increase cross-border labour mobility” successfully held in Stralsund, Germany.

On the 23rd October 2013 the Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern organised a workshop in order to exchange good practices on labour market tools. Besides the presentations of job centre representatives from Poland, Lithuania, Denmark and Germany also the South Baltic Training Programme project presented its project idea and outcomes. In the end 27 participants discussed about future actions to increase cross-border mobility in the South Baltic Area.

The presentations, outcomes of the discussion, list of participants and further impressions can be downloaded here.

Workshop Presentations
Cleveres Koepfchen Justa »
Das EURES Netzwerk und die deutsch polnische Grenzregion Teubner Schoebel »
EURES Klaipeda region experience of enhancing cross border mobility Mankute »
Labour market issues in Guldborgsund Municipality Danborg »
Pomorskie region experiences in enhancing labour force mobility Bruski »
Project Direction Work strengthening of mobility on the Pomeranian labour market Dera »
Regionalmarketing und Fachkraeftesicherung fuer die Region Kammann »
SBProf Open session REM 2013-10-22 »
South Baltic Training Programme Roenick »
Supporting mobility in Tricity and neighbouring communes Piotrowicz Miksa »

Results of the discussion
Cross border action plans »
Driving forces »
Stakeholders »
Transferable elements »

List of participants »
Agenda »

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