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Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH

Schweriner Str. 10/11
D-18069 Rostock

+49 381 37719-18

Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH



Partnerstwo SB Professionals tworzy dziewięciu partnerów z Niemiec, Polski i Litwy. Ponadto, ramach projektu przewidziana jest współpraca z 15 organizacjami stowarzyszonymi.

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Rostock Business and Technology Development GmbH

Having a wide experience in the local and regional labour market and promotion concepts to foster the region`s competitiveness, Rostock Business has a keen interest in exchanging tools and good practices aiming to attract labour force and to widen their experience.

www.rostock-business.com ›


Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern mbH

The Economic Development Corporation Vorpommern mbH is a modern service company set up with the purpose of marketing the Vorpommern region in the best possible way.

www.invest-in-vorpommern.de ›


VIRTUS – Institute for new teaching and learning methods

Since 1999 VIRTUS is offering measures and courses in the field of education, consulting and coaching of companies as well as e-learning. Of particular interest within SB Professionals is the development of e-learning curricula improving intercultural competences.

www.virtus-mv.de ›


Institute for European Initiatives

The Institute for European Initiatives is a non-governmental organisation that facilitates preparation, implementation and settlement of EU projects for Polish local authorities and other public equivalent bodies or NGOs, mainly for the ones located in Pomeranian Voivodeship.

www.europeprojects.eu ›


Maritime Institute Gdansk

The Maritime Institute in Gdansk is a research and development unit supervised by Ministry of Maritime Economy. Within the institute, the Department of Economics and Law carries out a wide range of studies on maritime economy, land-sea transport logistics, market conditions.

www.en.im.gda.pl ›


West Pomeranian Business School

The West Pomeranian Business School is a non-public university operating under the Law on Higher Education. As scientific and educational institution the West Pomeranian Business School cooperates with the economic environment for the socio-economic development in the Euroregion.

www.zpsb.szczecin.pl ›


Gdynia City Hall

The Gydnia City Hall has a genuine interest in cross-border contacts and exchanging experiences and knowledge working for years towards supporting local entrepreneurs and attracting investments.

www.gdynia.pl ›


EUCC Baltic Office

Registered since 1995 in Lithuania, the EUCC Baltic States Office is essentially active in the southeast of the Baltic Sea. The EUCC is involved in a wide range of academic and professional training courses and has extensive experience in cross-border projects.

www.eucc.net ›


Klaipeda University

Klaipeda University was established in 1991. Scientific and academic activities are interdisciplinary, open and innovative. Unity of science and studies, their qualitative integration into national and European scientific space remain the basic principle of its activity.

www.ku.lt ›


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