South Baltic Professionals Project

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Activities and Outputs

South Baltic Professionals Project is divided into 4 Components. Together with Component 1 “Management and Coordination” and Component 2 “Communication and Dissemination”, the following activities are envisaged:

MOVE! Making Labour Force Mobility a Reality in the South Baltic Region. Highlights and Insights into the INTERREG IVA Project SB Professionals

SB Professionals Finale Broschuere
SB Professionals Finale Broschuere (Web Version)

Component 3: Exchange on employment conditions and successful labour market tools

The overall aim of Component 3 is to raise knowledge about the current situation on South Baltic labour markets and about barriers and solutions to their cross-border integration among labour market actors. The partners will – with the assistance of job centres and other associated organisations – collect and make available general information on legal, economic and cultural conditions of employment in the South Baltic area. To this end, labour market actors will be brought together as an initial step towards a long-term cross-border cooperation network.

Component 4: Pilot actions "Fostering Internationalisation and Attractive Business Environments in the South Baltic Region"

Component 4 focuses on pilot actions fostering internationalisation and attractive business environments in the South Baltic region. Attracting qualified workers is a key challenge for the project partners’ regions which suffer from high unemployment rates and are especially affected by demographic change. The partnership initiates the development of concrete measures to attract workers and promote the South Baltic area as an attractive live, work and business environment.

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